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Your Finance and Operations advisor.

We save costs and
increase automation.

Trusted as a

How kounteq benefits businesses

Financial solutions that provide real-time figures for accurate decision-making

Inventory management that help companies save up to 40% of capital costs

Information Security that is built for your bespoke data protection needs

Best-in-class cloud apps making companies scalable and ready for growth

Our Solutions

Streamline your workflow with one of our advisors.

So what makes Kounteq the right choice for your company?

Our Accounting & IT Partners

At Kounteq, we are big on integration. That is why we carefully select our partnered apps to provide the best integrated full-stack solution for our customers. This means you can maximise your automated processes, streamline workflows, and most importantly save on costs!

Our People

Kounteq was founded on the vision of being customer-centric. Every decision we make is considering the efficiencies we can bring our customers. That’s why our team of experts will support you from inception until post-live ensuring that our bespoke solution is perfect for your business and your team is all trained up.

We identify your problem

We implement our solutions

We train and support your team