Cloud Hosting

We adopt unconventional approach to provide best value for money services matching both commercial and business needs.

We provide bespoke cloud hosting infrastructure services to develop, test and run your business operations on secure, finely tuned and cost effective cloud infrastructure. We offer one hour free consultation to help you identify your end to end cloud hosting requirements.

Service Categories

  • Collaboration and Productivity
  • Archiving, backup and disaster recovery
  • Compute and application hosting
  • Content delivery network
  • Data warehousing
  • Relational database
  • Distributed denial of service attack (DDOS) protection
  • Firewall
  • Infrastructure and platform security


  • Custom build cloud hosting.
  • Development, test and live environments.
  • Tuned to fit for purpose performance needs.
  • Optimised for best value for money.
  • Cost effective design.
  • Courtesy advisory and consultancy service.
  • Awareness and training specific to cloud services.
  • Complimentary add-on service(s).
  • Project management.


  • G Suite – Collaboration and Productivity tools.
  • Bespoke cloud hosting solutions.
  • Up to one hour of free consultation.
  • CDN, SSL, WAF, Vulnerability Scan, DDOS Protection, Penetration Testing.
  • Domain registration, data entry, content development.
  • Disaster Recovery as per required RTO & RPO.
  • Schedule backups. Online, off-line and off-site.
  • System updates, monitoring, ID and access management.
  • Security awareness, training, PCI Compliance.
  • Information security framework development (ISO 27001) .
  • Any other cloud services (please contact).
Get Started

Kounteq Can Help

  • Setup and migration

    We help our clients develop migration plan by identifying fit for purpose platform and services, set up test environments, carry out testing, simulate migration and migrate data and services. We adopt techniques to carry out migration with minimum or no downtime.

  • Quality assurance and performance testing

    We work with clients to define quality expectations and performance benchmarks. We help clients set quality controls , review quality against quality expectations and maintain quality register. We also assist customers develop test cases to carry out performance testing against defined performance benchmarks.

  • Onboarding and offboarding

    We assess users skills levels and accordingly provide training to meet service operations needs. Customised operational procedures are documented and provided to users based on roles.

    Documents may include sensitive information specific to users. Custom developed documents are provided through business email. We recommend users to store these documents in their internal document management system. General user documentation could be available online, subject to client’s consent.

    As part of user acceptance testing (UAT), clients will test data extraction. We recommend clients to extract data as per agreed schedule for off line records. Any specific data extraction needs will be addressed as part of service delivery.

  • Backups and recovery

    Bespoke backup services are delivered as per client’s needs. Both automated backups as well as manual backups services can be provided. Comprehensive documentation are provided for secure and efficient manual backup operations by client. If required by client, We can provide shared as well as dedicated backup services involving client’s staff. Following backup services can be delivered;

    • Bespoke backup service considering client’s RTO and RPO needs.
    • End to end cloud infrastructure backup.
    • Online, off-line and off-site backup services.
    • Automated or manual backup operations as needed by client.
    • Routine backup testing service.
  • Operational security

    Configuration baselines are documented and handed over to clients. Any changes to baselines are documented and processed through change management processes seeking approvals from both client and account managers. Baselines are revised and appropriate version control techniques are applied. Changes are applied and tested on development and test environments (if available). In absence of these environments, backups are taken before changes. Configurations are tested after applying changes. Nessus or similar tools are used to test security. Vulnerabilities identified are either patched or configurations are rolled back by restoring from backups.

    Potentials threats to our services are assessed through penetration tests and vulnerability assessments. Critical and high level vulnerabilities patched immediately. Others patched once a week, ideally during weekends and our of working hours keeping room to restore from backups. We use Nessus or similar tools to scan our services. We keep track of patches released by technology vendors like Microsoft, Redhat, IBM etc. We are also using independent databases like CERT & NIST to keep track of vulnerabilities.

    We identify potential compromises through security & monitoring controls like DDOS protection, WAF, monitoring and notification systems. As per response plan, agreed with client. This may include setting system in maintenance mode, identify cause, patch, block attacker, restore, monitor. We respond immediately to incidents.

  • Ongoing support

    We provide level 1 support for end to end technology infrastructure.

    User support

    Support response times: Within 2-3 hours

    Phone support availability: 9 to 5 (UK time), Monday to Friday

    Web chat support availability: 9 to 5 (UK time), Monday to Friday

    We provide remote as well as on-site Level 1 support with flexible fit for purpose fee structure. We provide technical account manager for each client.


Services fees are computed on the basis of time spent on the company’s affairs by the partners and our staff, and on the level of skills and responsibility involved. The price of work performed shall be calculated using the hourly time rates from £80 – £200 per hour. Fees subject to discount for long term engagements, at Kounteq’s discretion.

As an exhibit of Kounteq’s commitments towards providing quality services to our clients, up to one (1) hour of courtesy consultancy/advisory session will be offered to understand client’s needs and brief on our approach towards meeting their needs. A formal early start agreement or definitive agreement will be drafted and signed based on initial discussions.

Starting Price(GBP)
G Suite – Computing, Collaboration and Productivity tools. User 10 Monthly
Cloud Hosting (virtual or bare metal) (dedicated or shared) Instance 25 Monthly
Domain Name Unit 5 Annually
SSL Certificate Unit 20 Annually
Content development. Logo, images, text etc Unit 10 Hourly
Data Entry Unit 8 Hourly
Analytics Unit 10 Monthly
Web Application Firewall Unit 20 Monthly
Vulnerability Scan Unit 200 Once-off
Disaster Recovery as per required RTO & RPO Unit 100 Monthly
PCI Compliance Unit 250 Monthly
Penetration Testing Unit 200 Once-off
Online backup GB 1 Monthly
Offline backup 8 GB 10 Once-off
System updates and upgrades Unit 100 Monthly
Content Delivery Network Unit 10 Monthly
System monitoring Unit 50 Monthly
Security Monitoring Unit 50 Monthly
ID and Access Management Unit 10 Monthly
Remote access tools configuration (SSH, Remote Desktop) Unit 50 Once-off
Security awareness Unit 100 Session
Training Unit 100 Session

Harrow Branch

+44 (0) 20 8133 7864

2nd Floor, Congress House, Lyon Road, Harrow, Greater London, HA1 2EN

London Branch

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Karachi Branch

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Working Hours

Monday to Friday
24 Hour Support