Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Digital experience built on web applications and data deployed on cloud

We provide bespoke cloud migration services. Develop, test and run business operations on cloud. Secure, finely tuned and cost effective cloud infrastructure. 


Move your digital business operations to cloud and improve productivity, performance, scalability, security and accessibility.

Kounteq Cloud Migration Decreased Cost
Decreased Costs

Only pay for what you use. For instaance, no operating costs for IT operations and maintenance. Subscription-based model that cuts out capital expenditure.

Kounteq Cloud Migration Scalable

Use what you need, when you need. Scale up or down with larger or smaller workloads at your pace. Moreover, no need to purchase new devices when user count increases.

Kounteq Cloud Migration Secure

Greater security by storing your sensitive data and applications centrally. Above all, regular security updates and blocking unwanted traffic reduce security threats.

Kounteq Cloud Migration Performance

Improved performance and customer experience. Services and data hosted on cloud. Globally distributed data centres allows faster access.

Kounteq Cloud Migration Accessibility

Access your applications and data from anywhere and at anytime. Similarly, expand your businesses to new locations with ease.

Helping you choose the right solution

Your company could be at any stage in the cloud journey. We help you build a cloud environment that fits your business strategy.


Getting to know your data, applications, users, performance expectations and technical infrastructure.


What need to be migrated, what need to be retained and what need to be retired to save cost.


Prove the benefits by comparing post-move performance, from both a technical and business perspective

Cloud migration strategies

Six most common approaches, broadly known as the “Six R’s of Migration”.

Kounteq Cloud Migration Replatform
(“Lift, Tinker and Shift”)

Move your applications as-is with adjustments to take advantage of cloud.

Kounteq Cloud Migration Rehost
(“lift and shift”)

Move your current environment without making changes for the quickest ROI.

Kounteq Cloud Migration Repurchase
(“Drop and Shop”)

Replace your on-prem desktop apps with cloud based versions or similar products.

Kounteq Cloud Migration Rearchitect

Rebuild your applications from scratch. For instance, if you have a strong business need for cloud-native features.

Kounteq Cloud Migration Retain

Migrate only what makes sense for your business. In other words, leave most of your on-prem infrastructure intact.

Kounteq Cloud Migration Retire

Decommission redundant apps or consolidate with other applications with similar features.

The cloud migration process

Cloud migration depends on the size and complexity of business & technology infrastructure.

Kounteq Cloud Migration Planning Migration
Planning Migration
Kounteq Cloud Migration Selecting Cloud Components
Selecting Cloud Components
Kounteq Cloud Migration Migration data and apps
Migrating Data and Apps
Kounteq Cloud Migration validating operations
Validating Operations

Supporting you all the way


Working together ensuring your teams are trained, skilled up and confident

Go Live

Planning and preparation are critical for a smooth switch over to the new system


Resolving post live issues and supporting as your business develops with knowledge and resources

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