Control, Agility, Confidence

Helping Start-ups and SMEs adopt innovative cloud solutions increasing productivity and agility.

Businesses needing rapid setup, moving away from multiple spreadsheets, or require expertise to replace old clunky software – we’ve got you covered.


Migrating to the cloud, opens up your business to innovative and scalable solutions, providing you full visibility of your customer and product journey, and helping you to take decisions with confidence.

Kounteq - Benefits : Your Partner
Your Partner

We listen and understand what makes your business tick. Only then, is a solution proposed that fits. With you for the whole journey; from the first call, at going live and beyond; listening, supporting and sharing expertise and knowledge.

Kounteq - Benefits : Quick to Deploy
Quick to Deploy

No upfront capital cost, no on-site IT infrastructure, low-cost of ownership based on SaaS model, quick ROI, enables you to get up and running quickly, saving time and money.

Kounteq - Benefits : Grow your Business
Grow your Business

Up scale new features as your business grows by automating and integrating to new cloud apps without having to invest in expensive unused functionality and increasing your overheads

Kounteq - Benefits : Easy and Intuitive
Easy and Intuitive

Quick staff buy in, easy to use and intuitive, extensive help and knowledge resources.

Kounteq - Benefits : Sell Anywhere
Sell Anywhere

You and your customers can connect and interact from anywhere at any time; no need for IT infrastructure.

Kounteq - Benefits : Gain Insights
Gain Insights

Make informed decisions and take action; NO ‘silos’, your data and processes are all connected giving you real-time visibility across your platform.

How can we help

By helping you select and integrate the right apps, testing the data, training you and going live.
We sync ‘best-in-breed’ Accounting, Payroll, Inventory Management and CRM apps together, creating a single shared database and powerful functionality. Driving your business, empowering your teams and  delighting your customers.

Kounteq - How can we help - Accounting & Tax Automation
Accounting & Tax Automation
Better decision-making, real-time, cost effective and scalable

We harness the power of the cloud to deliver faster, smarter and more cost-effective accounting and tax solutions for your business. We specialise in bookkeeping services, payroll, tax submissions, management reporting, analysis and the integration of the latest financial technology tools to optimise your operations.

Kounteq - How can we help - Inventory Management and Material Resource Planning (MRP)
Inventory Management and Material Resource Planning
Sell directly to consumers, lower your overheads, reduce wastage and overstocks

Perfect for food producers, light manufacturers and wholesalers. From linking Procurement, Inventory Control, Accounts and Sales through to the all-in-one solution integrating Make-to-Order and Make-to-Stock Manufacturing, automated BoMs’ and Production control to multiple sales channels. We have a solution to fit your needs that doesn’t cost ‘an arm and a leg’. Implementations take from five days to 8 weeks. To drive down the costs a percentage can be offset against R&D tax credits.

Kounteq - How can we help - Sale Enablement and Customer Engagement
Sales Enablement and Customer Engagement
Turn leads in customers and convert your customers into promoters.

At Kounteq, our solutions help you engage with your potential customers, demonstrate the value of your offering, close deals, deliver exceptional service and gather customer feedback. Once you have won your customer, resolving your customer’s issues successfully ensures generation of positive word of mouth for your business. And to really leverage your customer relationships, link your CRM to Inventory management.

Kounteq - How can we help - Compliance and Information Security
Compliance & Information Security
Ensure information is protected with intelligent compliance

Information security is a key part of the modern business. Ensure you are protecting your data with intelligently designed solutions that complement your internal processes. Give your customers peace of mind knowing you have compliance at the heart of your operations.

Kounteq - How can we help - Cloud Migration
Cloud Migration
Minimal on-site IT infrastructure, connect from anywhere and highly secure

Bespoke cloud migration services to develop, test and run business operations on secure, finely tuned and cost effective cloud infrastructure. Move your digital business operations to cloud to improve productivity and performance, scalability, security and accessibility.