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Our solutions are perfectly suited to businesses in the manufacturing industry who require an accurate finished goods cost. Product assemblies, costed purchase orders, multi-currency, and advanced reporting are just a few of powerful features which make this possible.
D2C manufacturing has quickly become the preferred choice of selling for manufacturers, as it allows them to get more control over their business and have more interaction with their consumers. Many modern forward-thinking manufacturers have decided to completely cut out the retailers, wholesalers, and middlemen to form a direct to consumer (DTC) manufacturing business instead. 
Direct to consumer manufacturing is where the manufacturer sells its products straight to the customer, as opposed to selling via a middleman. 
And it’s a tactic which is only growing in popularity, not just for manufacturers, but for customers too who want to know more about how and where their products were manufactured. The winning formula for D2C manufacturers consists of getting setup to sell online with:
eCommerce platform (e.g. Shopify) + Smart Manufacturing Solution + Accounting tool (e.g. Xero) = Success
We are here to help you with implementing this solution.

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