Professional Services

A real-time view of what’s going on, how it’s going to be completed, and how that’s going to turn into profit.


While the nature of professional services can differ greatly, two factors are common to them all:

  • Knowledge and people are the backbone of the business and that each practice relies on the specific professional expertise of its staff.
  • While the level of expertise is important, the amount of time spent working with each of the firm’s clients, or on jobs for them, is the key driver of revenue and profit.

Are You One Among Them?

  • Creative Agencies

  • Engineering consultants

  • Health Practitioners

  • IT Consultants

  • Legal Practices

  • Management consultants

  • PR Agencies

  • Real Estate Agencies

  • Training and Development Professionals

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Point of Focus

We at Kounteq always strive to help our clients get the best out of technology by maximising time and efficiency to give out returns.

  • Project Visibility and Delivery

    We can help you achieve a real-time view of all projects, including how work will be completed and the impact it will have on the bottom line.

  • Manage Cash Flow

    We help you ensure healthy cash flow by realising revenue and settling bills quickly and efficiently.

  • Manage Customer Relationships

    We make sure customer relationships are managed with a focus on sustainability and growth.

  • Managing People

    We help you understand where your employee’s time is invested. We make it simple for you to track staff availability and view rosters for all members of the team. Payroll is accurate, compliant and easy for employees to understand.

Applications Suited For You

Both are powerful tools, fully supported by Xero, giving our clients a beautiful experience and feeding even greater insights into Xero Business Edition. But which to choose?

Best Reason to use

Perfect for simple time and cost tracking Xero Projects is the simple way to track the time and money spent on each job. It provides visibility into your project.

  • Access everything in one place, with one Xero login.
  • Integrates with your Xero organisation.
  • Intuitive, simple to activate, and use from within Xero.
  • Supports fixed price as well as time and expenses billing.
  • Provides visibility across all jobs.
  • Monitors budgets and job costs.
  • Provides project overviews and simple reports.

Highly customisable, end-to-end project management solution. WorkflowMax is right for businesses that need to manage their workflow from quote through to invoice, while tracking time and costs.

  • Powerful financial analysis and workflow management.
  • Tracks time and costs from quote through to invoice.
  • Improves project budgeting and provides critical insights into your business.
  • Owned by Xero with real-time integration to Xero invoices and bills.
  • Highly configurable to suit various types of professional services.
  • Provides staff allocation and collaboration capability.
  • Includes a suite of standard and customised reporting.
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Why Should You Consider This?

Retaining scenarios and focus areas to provide for benefits in relation to situations.

    Client Scenario & How We Can Help

  • Scenario

  • How We Can Help

  • Are you facing challenges in areas of tracking profitability or delivering projects on time and within the budget?

    Project visibility and delivery

    Achieve a real-time view of all projects, including how work will be completed and the impact it will have on the bottom line.

  • Are you facing challenges in getting paid on time or allocating costs and paying invoices?

    Manage cash flow

    Ensure healthy cash flow by realising revenue and settling bills quickly and efficiently.

  • Are you looking to expand your business by acquiring new clients and increase revenue of your existing clients?

    Manage customer relationships

    We make sure that your relationships are managed with a prioritised focus on sustainability and growth.

  • Improve current operations to attract, retain and develop the right staff.

    Manage people

    Harness the asset that’s most critical to the current and future value of a professional services business: its people.

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