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Start with KOUNTEQ today to transform your business tomorrow

We all felt the brunt of the global pandemic last year. Unusual times have forced us to face extraordinary challenges. Some businesses have stood tall against immediate changes, some have been too slow to react. After all, change is never easy. 

As small and midsize enterprises decide to quickly revamp their business model to meet the demands of today, the owners and C-level executives are met with various questions – 

  • How does my business adopt a digital-first infrastructure? 
  • How can I prevent disruptions in the future?
  • How should I tweak the business model to serve a digital customer base?

The trick lies in how well your backend tasks are performed, day in and day out.

The team at Kounteq shares over two decades of experience working in finance, automation, and cloud technology. We understand the pulse of technology and how simplified, cost-effective and ready-to-deploy solutions can do wonders for SMEs around the world. 

In a nutshell, we streamline elements that make businesses run faster, and smoother, all the while serving more customers.

Accounting, now in real-time

Accountants are often bogged down by legacy software and gazillions of paperwork. Yet, accounting departments handle some of the most critical aspects of a business – finances, cash flow, forecasting, and everything in between. If your money isn’t trackable the moment you want them, your business can suffer huge losses. 

Kounteq provides an end-to-end financial solution for businesses to scale. In a way, we’re like traditional accounting firms but with a more efficient workflow and customer support. We utilise cloud and tool integrations to power and automate processes like bookkeeping, payroll, tax, and account reports. 

With cloud solutions, your numbers are available to you in real-time, your bank statements are always in your palm and your accounting becomes error-free. This level of transparency cannot be replicable with traditional teams. 

The core of financial services is built on Xero’s integrative ecosystem and with remote work becoming the norm, going virtual saves you a lot of resources.  

Decision making, now accurate

Real-time data brings real-time value. Picture this – your employees are in line to get vacation days. How do you make sure the workflow isn’t disturbed? With integrative cloud HR services, you can manage, approve and book holidays for employees and stay on top of everything – from anywhere and any device. 

But, not everyone knows which software or which solution works the best for one particular task and you cannot just trial and error your way through the end of the world. We deploy the ideal, most optimised services that work specifically for your business.

HR is just one of the many departments that can be vastly improved by transparent cloud dashboards. With correct, validated data you can make accurate decisions and with measurable insights, you can react better in the face of sudden changes. 

Enterprise-level solutions, now for SMEs

Enterprises always set themselves apart with industry-leading management and backend software. On the other hand, SMEs rarely have the resources to enjoy state-of-the-art services that can make their lives easier. Until now. 

The year 2020 has shown that we’re all vulnerable to tragic shifts and SMEs, in particular, need best in class solutions that are also affordable. 

Cloud-based and scalable inventory management solutions that can bring transparency and automation to the supply chain, stock management and manufacturing process are crucial to surviving in today’s highly competitive market. Similarly, compliance and data protection strategies and on-demand cloud migrations can add value to small businesses. 

Kounteq’s enterprise-grade services take care of the critical aspects that are often an elusive dream for SMEs. These are all cost-effective solutions that are aimed to provide a lean, agile and scalable workflow. 

Is KOUNTEQ for you? 

The services offered by Kounteq are essential to business growth. Still, thinking if it’s really for your business? You should get in touch with us if

  • You’re planning to move away from legacy models and want to adopt a digital-first strategy with the help of cloud and automation.
  • You’ve hit a plateau and want to streamline all the moving parts in order to scale quicker and smarter.

Kounteq is for sectors with complex supply chains and logistics like food production, light manufacturing and any kinds of industries where wholesale distribution is a major element. Retail and e-commerce are other sectors that can leverage the simple yet powerful sales and customer experience strategies and integrations provided by us.

What you get from Kounteq is what you should always aspire for – clear, data-driven, real-time information that’s meaningful and helps you make better decisions. Get in touch with us today and see how your business can soar to new heights with fewer papers to file and more customers to impress.

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